Monday, July 26, 2010

Patradashary......what kind of name is that?

When I started thinking about a company name, I wanted something that would be unusual, memorable, yet elegant. As I think about fine jewelry, my ideal designs are simple elegance and that is the direction I'm taking this Company.

Patradashary......(pronounced Patra - dash - ary) is derived from its founders, myself and my partner's name, and from the historical term 'haberdashery' as relates to clothiers, and yes, back then the term could relate to making men's suits.

It just stayed with me all the way through five years of development and working toward starting the Company. Each time I ordered equipment it felt natural to list the Company name, Patradashary.

It has now been filed of record and is official. PATRADASHARY......FINE JEWELRY DESIGN!

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