Monday, August 16, 2010


Pa what? you say.... in the jewelry world patina can be infinite.  I read once that some jeweler used cat litter to 'patina' her jewelry.  While that didn't sound too appealing to me, I set out to find a different way to patina.  What am I talking about?

Patina means to change the surface color quickly with a solution--the most popular being (not kitty litter) liver of sulfer.  I had purchased a small container of rocks about a year ago for $22 here in Raleigh so I got it out and put in the hot water and zilch, nada, nothing! No color change, no yellow tint, nothing!

I find that it has ZERO shelf life....$22 down the drain...I know it's only $22...but to a starving...literally starving haven't made the first sale artist...that's a lot of money!  No I'm not running for the kitty litter fate would have it happen we stopped by my favorite Gem store owned by Joan Beckham at BECKHAM'S BARN in IRMO, SC. Tom Maxwell always has just what I need in stock.  Patina Gel in stabilized form! Just a few drops did the trick.

See how the detail is enhanced by the patina in My Everyday Pair of earrings posted on my

And once more thing....shiny things tarnish faster than those with a patina.  Now are we getting the picture?  Take care! Patricia

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