Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Livin the dream.....hummm....

Patradashary.....livin' my dream....making jewelry all day....sun shining in the studio...oh...well when you can get the cleaning and the laundry and the cooking and grocery shopping done and ....oh yeah it's almost 2pm did I eat where are my glasses...what was I working on...oh yes, I remember...My WEBSITE!...let's see....I have to get that done because I'm selling on ETSY; not many people have heard of that and ETSY is not on the business cards I just ordered! So I have to get that Website finished so I can post all my items there and keep that updated and link my blog to it and link that to Facebook and I need to Tweet Something and I know there is going to be some jewelry making in here somewhere ..... somehow....someway!! Check out my new WEBSITE! And please let me know if you see any misspelled words! Thanks!

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