Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sprinkles and Sparkles

I'm a member of the Starving Jewelry Artist group and it is such a great place to hang out! Read....have a cup of among friends....stretch these weary fingers!!

I spent much of yesterday enlarging (rolling out) bezel wire. It is like rolling out cookie dough except I do it with a three mm dapping tool; stretching the bezel wire until it fits over the cab nicely. It makes for some pretty sore fingers, but the finished product with a sparkling gem is well worth it.

Honestly, I never really rolled much cookie dough until my step daughter Courtney taught me about that; I was always the drop cookie baker. We have a lot of fun at Christmas and those sprinkles are pretty cool!! Like little gems and you get to eat them!

Now where is my cup of coffee....think I'll have a cookie and look at that ring sparkle!!

Patricia of Patradashary

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