Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ArtFire: A New Venue for Patradashary

Hello Everyone!

I'm a frequent visitor of a wonderful group called Starving Jewelry Artist and many of them sell on a venue called ArtFire.  I think that is really appropriate don't you?

We fire metal and it becomes Art!   So in that regard I'v set up my own shop there!  It's really great because you get to make your shop unique and you can connect with Guilds.  I'm a member of Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild and ArtFire Metalsmiths Guild, a great place in continually improve your skills

If you haven't seen it already you can check my shop out here:  Patradashary ArtFire Studio

I wonder if any of you have ever noticed my precious Mama in my Logo?

I am also setting up a Patradashary ArtFire Studio page on FACEBOOK and in order to make it "live" I need 25 people to click the "Like" button.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Facebook Patradashary ArtFire Studio 'Like' 

This will also add you into the drawing for the March GIVEAWAY tomorrow!  See my March 10 blog post for additional details!

Warm regards,

PS:  I built a lightbox this week so I hope my photos begin to improve!

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