Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mothers is a such a unique and special title.....the day my son, Matthew was born I felt like I had been given a gift from God (and still do).

As Mothers, we are also blessed with a huge heart filled with so many emotions; over whelming love, selflessness, pride, and the ability to tie a knot in that last thread we are hanging onto some days and total exhaustion.  Yet each day there are sweet smiles asking for Superman or Barbie and Diego and hugs and kisses to give out!

I honor my Mother; to me her place should be right below the Holy Trinity (her name Mary was so befitting) such a humble sole-I loved her so much and think about her daily.   As a Mother, my son never lacked for my love or pride, he is the best thing I ever did with my life.

I honor my DDIL Melissa who is a wonderful Mother to my two grandsons, Eli and Lane, her energy seems to be endless.

I honor my DSD daughter Ashley who is a wonderful Mother to my two granddaughters, Addison and Bayleigh, she also seems to have endless energy.

I am honored to also be a step Mother to DSD Courtney and DSS Kevin and have shared many times of joy in their lives.

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Love to my family and all you who are Mothers,
Patricia of Patradashary

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