Saturday, May 7, 2011

Through the Soul of an Artist.....

When I look at all the amazing and incredible beauty created on this earth I see the art of God.  The beautiful and stunning color display of the delicate butterfly is, in itself, a masterpiece. It is such a small creature, made to flutter around for all of us to enjoy its beauty.

As an artist, many of our works come from the inspiration of nature, memories and places we visit.  I like to think my art jewelry creations come from a place in my soul; that each work has meaning.  That can be my downfall.  I become somewhat attached to each hand cut and forged work of art, and it becomes hard to let them go.

But in the same regard, I can't imagine a world without butterflies; to marvel at their beauty.  Or hear my granddaughters say 'Look! Butterfly!'

This week, I let one of delicate art work creations go; but it went to a customer who I believe has the same appreciation for art as I do.  I have to remind myself that I do make these works of art "to flutter around" and hopefully be enjoyed for their beauty!  (Thanks Gina!)

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