Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Me (You?)

New Year, New You.....how many times have I heard that? Every January 1st.....every TV commercial...Facebook ad....newspaper article. I have many, many ways I need to improve me and certainly our National economy needs a boost; but here's the rub---it is a New Year and it does start with Me.

How can I improve me? Of course there is walking to grocery store which improves my health, saves money and helps minutely with global warming. If I walk there I'm more likely to carry home only what I need so there is less waste. But that is a task, on the to-do list.

I need to improve Me by being happier and having more fun. I think it would be much more fun to 'just go outside and play'. I think I would be a better Me if I gave myself "recess"!

I can improve Me, (yes, you have heard this before) by buying handmade items by artisans on Etsy and other sites and it will benefit me. Maybe it would benefit two (me the consumer, the nationwide seller) and maybe even a third; the person for whom I am purchasing the item as a gift. It is a start or something I can do to help the Nation and who am I kidding? It will help Me...a buyer....a seller....a servant of the customer. What do you think?

New Year, New Me...2011 will include daily "RECESS" and "HAPPINESS". I hope you will notice it in my designs at my shop on ETSY.COM PATRADASHARY.

Patricia of Patradashary

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