Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Madness.....Basketball and Business!!!!

It's March Madness and here in the Southeast I live in the middle of three ACC greats: NC State, Carolina and Duke!  As I'm writing this my Wolfpack team has lost its challenge to be ACC champs.   Patradashary is my new team: designer, creator, engineer, fabricator, finisher, photographer, bookkeeper, supplies manager, stock clerk, marketing agent, web developer, blogger, sales agent and customer service.  Team of  one, me.   And I smile when I type me :)  Yes, it is madness!

I am happy to say that I am learning to wear all those hats.  You might think that 'working from home' is a dream but I have found that I work twice the hours with one fourth the pay.   But I've learned to do it consistantly and persistantly.  I've made goals and continue to meet them.  I continue to see progress, sales and income.  Most of all I learned to ENJOY this journey!

I hope you've seen my new Angelite Pendulum Earrings in my Etsy shop, Patradashary.  They will be this month's giveaway!  A sure sign that Spring is on the way......beautiful carribean blue and 14K gold!

1.  Go to my Etsy shop and choose your favorite piece of jewelry.
2.  Post a comment on which piece you like and what you like about that piece on my blog PatradasharyPosts for a chance to win.
3.  Post a comment on which piece you like and what you like about that piece on my Patradashary Facebook page for a chance to win.
4.  "Like" my Facebook page for a chance to win.
That's three chances to win!   YES, I promise to keep track AND I'll have Bill draw the name out of the hat on March 31st.
So get those entries could be wearing these swinging beauties by April 1------no fooling!

Next post..........Easy way to clean your jewelry!

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