Friday, February 25, 2011

Measured Success

I'm really excited after having a great week at Patradashary! Success can be measured in many sectors; most often we think of money as being the first measured sector. Yes, that was part of my successful week~having a sale. But I also found success in another sector, personal growth as an artist. A customer wanted one of my intricate handmade pendants~only twice its size. As artists, we sometimes create with unknown, yet pleasing, results. Re-creating is yet another challenge as I am a perfectionist. The customer may never see the detail I see. But re-creating the intricate replica of my pendant this week felt like a measured success (and encouraging).

I have been working on another project over the past month and the collective pieces came together nicely this week. It is a new style of pendulum earring in 14k gold filled with faceted gemstones. I am excited to see how those are received by my customers. Take a lookPendulum Earrings

Finally we are starting to see a hint of Spring! I picked my first daffodil yesterday! My precious granddaughter, Bayleigh Lauren, turned two on Monday. I remember her older sister, Addison, picking daffodils to take to her Mom and new sister. Daffodils always bring back sweet memories now! 

Spring is a time of renewal. The long winter's rest behind us, we are ready for new challenges. Time to try new projects and techniques. I have decided I have to go to Bead and Button. The energy and excitement there are like no other place. The amazing new products! Discounts! Learn a new skill! 

As artists, our energy and excitement of new challenges and techniques will all be revealed as measured success in the coming year!


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