Friday, April 8, 2011

Patradashary News!

Happy Friday everyone!

It's been a busy week here at Patradashary as I'm sure yours was as well!

I have new designs I'll be posting any day now:
     :)  amazing lampwork focal by artist Melissa Vess
     :)  a new design (for ears) with colorful Kazuri beads you will not want to miss!
     :)  pink and chocolate, what's not to love girls?
     :)  a stunning (Pantone Perfect) Jasper stone just in time for your Spring wardrobe.

See it all here:

Patradashary ArtFire Studio

Patradashary Etsy Shop

I have to tell you a story about designing a recent piece.  I mentioned in this blog back in February that I was working on three pendants that would becoming out soon.  As I commited to those designs one pendant was a rectangle and it began with a green malachite stone with waves in it (sorry for the blurry photo).  I chose a waves pattern to go on the metal (silver) and  form a piece of metal into "waves" pattern for the bail to anchor it to the T bar.  The T bar is solid and sturdy and on each end  of the T bar I used a drill bit 1/64 (size of a safety pin) to drill holes.  I attached it to the long cable loop chain.  I finished it on March everyone else, I was overwhelmed by the Japan Tsunami......the stone had to be red....we must help in some way.

Now without further adieu:

The April Giveaway

Aquamarine (natural)
Freshwater Pearl
and Sterling Silver
Pierced Earrings


Click here Patradashary ArtFire Studio  find your favorite piece of jewelry; then click here to go to my Facebook Patradashary ArtFire Studio  click LIKE and post a comment on my facebook page what you like about the piece.

I'll put all the names in a jar and Bill can draw out a winner!  Want me to post pictures of your entry in the jar?   Comment here:  I WANT TO SEE IT!

Patricia of Patradashary

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